PRS Scheme

What is it? From July 1st Landlords in England have to ensure their properties meet “electrical safety standards” and these new Regulations apply to—

(a) all new specified tenancies from 1st July 2020; and

(b) all existing specified tenancies from 1st April 2021.

Where can I find the new Regulations? Here -

Do Landlords have to use a contractor that is on the PRS Register? No, they can use an unregistered contractor that has to meet a certain ‘technical competence’ and insurance criteria, this will be detailed in MHCLG’s guidance when it is published on 1st June.

What is the PRS Scheme? For Approved Contractors this is a voluntary scheme that you can opt in to, and you can find out more detail about the PRS Scheme here -

Where can I find the Register? Here - and from 1st June it will be updated with guidance for landlords and a search facility for landlords to find a contractor (including contractors from other schemes) who are able to undertake the ‘electrical safety check’ referred to in the Regulation

Does it cost extra? For AC’s who opt in there is no additional annual fee, however depending on the range, scope and geographical spread of work there may be additional assessment time needed (this is the same as the AC scheme today), so there may be a fee for additional assessment time if it is needed.

There is a requirement for £250k professional indemnity insurance, so if you don’t hold that then you will require it, also NICEIC Insurance services (if you hold it) will be increasing the PI provision to £300k.

Why is BPG 4 required? This will assist AC’s and Landlords when it comes to consistency and it is free for you and landlords to download and use and is industry agreed. BPG is likely to be referred to in government guidance when it is published on 1st June. BPG 4 can be downloaded from here - Also other useful industry agreed Q&A’s related to inspection and testing etc…. can be found here -

What happens once I have opted in? You will be listed on the new Register once it goes live on the 1st June (early hours of the morning all going to plan). You will also receive an electronic registration certificate from us. At present we are sending these out in batches starting on 29/5, so it may take a few days for it to arrive, also keep an eye on spam/junk filters as sometimes